Thiess is a leading Australian construction, mining and services contractor. In 2011 they leased three floors of office space in Coronation Drive Office Park to consolidate their teams currently located in two separate offices.

This fitout project was part of a strategic move by Thiess management who wanted to use the latest design trends to create an Activity-Based Workplace for their staff, moving from a traditional office layout to an open plan configuration. Priority designed and built their fitout, delivering a highly successful outcome for Thiess.


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When an opportunity presented itself a couple years later for Thiess to lease an additional level in the building they jumped at the chance, planning to sublease a portion of this space initially, secure in the knowledge that their team would have room to grow in the future.

When Thiess initially moved to 143 Coronation Drive, our team cut a 5-metre square hole in the floor plate between levels 4 and 5 and constructed an architectural feature staircase, providing a physical and visual link between the levels that encourages active movement among team members. We continued the staircase down to level 3 as well; so all three floors are now conveniently accessible without relying on the lift.

Level 3 is currently sub-divided into two distinct tenancies with compatible designs that can later be combined. Either separate or combined, the overall environment is efficient and modern, and encourages team communication.

The overall design incorporates small open breakout areas where colleagues can informally interact. Scattered throughout the office are rooms of various sizes that can function as small meeting rooms as well as open up to accommodate larger groups. Each level has a large staff kitchen located on the river side of the tenancy so views are available to all staff. These spaces are bright and energetic, incorporating a variety of seating options.

Site safety is of utmost importance to both Thiess and Priority and both projects required precise attention to all safety and quality standards. Each office was completed on time and provides Thiess with a friendly, open, modern office environment where their team has room to grow and change as future opportunities present.

Project Scope

  • Building Approval
  • Internal Staircase
  • Carpet & Vinyl Flooring
  • Partitions
  • Electrical & Data
  • Joinery, Workstations & Furniture
  • Kitchens & Staffrooms
  • Meeting Rooms & Boardrooms
  • Reception & Waiting Areas
  • Training Rooms
  • Quiet rooms
  • Utility Rooms
  • Plant Rooms
  • Breakout/Collaboration Zones
  • Server Room
  • Infirmary
  • Prayer Room

Sustainability Checklist

Indoor Environment Quality
  • Indoor plants to improve indoor air quality and staff wellbeing
  • Wall cut-outs promote flow of natural light to reduce need for artificial lighting and energy usage
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint that emits fewer toxins into the indoor air
  • Marmoleum flooring
  • Low emission particleboard in workstation bench tops
  • Interface carpet tiles – manufactured using environmentally responsible practices and recycled
  • EchoPanel board in workstations and acoustic panels
  • Environmentally friendly fabric choices
  • Plasterboard made from 10% recycled material
  • Reconfigured the building’s existing lighting and air conditioners
  • Installed zone sensor-controls as well as task lighting
  • End-of-journey facilities with water efficient showerheads and tapware to encourage alternative transportation
  • Energy efficient appliances

Project Details

Thiess Fitout

Levels 3 – 5, 143 Coronation Drive, Milton
Total floor area: 3577m2

Project Schedule

Preconstruction: 8 weeks + 4 weeks
Construction: 12 weeks + 15 weeks

Project Team

Designers: Amanda McFeat
Project Manager: Peter Lewis
Project Administrator: Dean Robertson