151 Property are a major commercial building portfolio owner with prime assets in Brisbane.

Several floors recently became available in their building at 231 George Street, resulting in optimal timing to refurbish key areas of the building and return a number of floors to open plan, with the goal to increase occupancy.


231 George Street 231 George Street 231 George Street 231 George Street 231 George Street

As part of their strategy, they initiated a targeted marketing campaign by partnering with their leasing team who provided advice on the refurbishments. The strategy also involved partnering with Priority to assist with the marketing campaign and carry out the works in the building. Our objectives were to produce high quality design concepts to help market the building and to safely manage complex demolition and construction works. Valad then took the design concepts one step further by pre-fitting out two levels to show prospective tenants the building’s full potential. This approach was so effective that new tenants signed leases before construction was complete.

Together with the leasing team, Priority recommended key building improvements including:

  • Ground floor foyer refurbishment with external signage upgrades.
  • Internal upgrades of the lifts.
  • Stripouts and makegoods on levels 4, 6, 7 & 8.
  • Speculative fitouts on levels 4 & 6 based on the design concepts.
  • Upgrades to the male amenities on level 6.

With improved internal directional signage and modernized lifts, the building is now easier to find and the businesses within the building are more accessible.  The common areas of the building also now present professionally.  This collaborative, strategic approach  has been hugely beneficial for 151 Property, providing them with an asset that is modernised and highly occupied. Partnering with the leasing team and Priority resulted in a successful marketing campaign as well as building upgrades that were well managed and completed in a safe and efficient manner. 151 Property’s creative strategy led to positive outcomes for all of the different parties involved.

Project Scope

  • Ground floor foyer refurbishment
  • External Signage
  • Stripouts & Makegoods on levels 4, 6, 7 & 8
  • Speculative fitouts on levels 4 & 6 based on design concepts
  • Upgrades to male amenities on level 6
  • Refurbishment of lifts

Project Details

231 George Street – Building Upgrades

231 George Street
Total floor area: 500m2

Project Schedule:

Design: 8 weeks
Construction: 12 weeks

Project Team

Designer: Amanda McFeat
Project Administrator: Dean Robertson
Estimator: Josh Solomon