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Our Three Steps

The Design and Construct Process: It is Priority's collaborative 3-step holistic process that saves time and money compared to the traditional approach of engaging an architect for the interior design and then a separate builder for construction the project.

In the feasibility stage, our project manager and designer will work you to prepare a project brief.  Our designer will create a design concept for the space and our project manager will prepare a preliminary budget based on the construction cost for that design and a preliminary construction program with a list of key dates for the project. This information can be used to negotiate leases, seek board approval or secure funds for the project. We understand that every commercial fitout project is different, however where our model differs from our competitors, is that we take the information provided to us in the project brief, such as your budget, space requirements, level of finish, time constraints etc, and we’ll provide you with a concept, budget and specific program to ensure that we effectively plan out and meet these needs. Our aim is to provide a collaborative and holistic service, with the highest level of quality for you as our client.

Once your design and budget have been approved, our designer will finalise the design and select the finishes for your fitout. Our estimator will source prices from all suppliers and trades, your project manager will give you a fixed amount for the project, and our construction team will begin the planning phase for how and when we plan to deliver your fitout to you.  We understand that often there are specific time constraints with a project, our holistic approach, paired with our knowledge and experience allows us to carefully plan out all aspects of project – giving you a full turnkey service. We take pride in providing a premium, full end to end service experience for our clients, and this means our fixed price is all inclusive – variations are the exception. This also means that proactive management of the entire process is achieved and a common ownership of the project is gained across all stakeholders. In providing this level of service, we are rewarded with client loyalty and repeat business.  Our past clients know that Priority are the experts in commercial fitouts. we’re a one stop shop and we’ll deliver what we say.

By signing off on our Job Proposal you formally accept the project. In addition to providing design and construct services, we have an in-house team of experts that will take care of all the contracts, approvals and permits, and procurement required to commence work.

During the construction phase, our delivery team inclusive of the nominated project administrator,  construction manager, project manager, designer and estimator to coordinate all aspects of onsite construction for your fitout.  Our full project team are available throughout the duration of construction and will monitor performance and quality standards for the duration of the project and resolve any issues in a competent and timely manner. Our holistic ethos allows project progression without the concern of subsequent compromise or cost-overrun during the construction process, ensuring each team member on the project is working congruently.  Overarching the entire process is our total commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental efficiency. We take responsibility for everything that happens onsite.


We believe that project success is determined by how well it meets the expectations of the end user.  This requires planning and management, with a holistic application. To support this, our team members are highly skilled, with a range of experience and qualifications that allows us to manage the scope, time, quality and cost simultaneously across multiple projects.

It is important also to realise the requirement to manage a project in a staged manner including concept, feasibility, planning and design, execution and handover. We are proud of how well regarded our team members are in the industry, working hard to maintain an excellent rapport and quality relationships with all our suppliers, contractors, consultants, and industry representatives, as well as one another.

We guarantee project success by closely monitoring our team, with an expectation to:

  • Define the project scope and interior design requirements
  • Assess your key requisites
  • Lead the design and preconstruction process
  • Manage procurement for the project
  • Minimise and mitigate associated risks
  • Direct project resources
  • Monitor delivery performance and quality standards for the duration of the project
  • Resolve any issues with a collaborative approach

Commercial and Office

For over 20 years, Priority has specialised in design and construct of commercial fitouts and office fitouts. We understand workplace design and have a team of experts to construct these interior spaces.

Our project managers and designers specialise in the design and construct of commercial and office fitouts in Brisbane and have a track record of delivering exceptional results.  They work closely with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve in your new space and create a unique design specifically for you. Our spaces are creative, functional and make a statement about who you are and what you stand for.

  • Office Fitouts
  • Stripout and Make Good Works
  • Tenancy Alterations
  • Building Refurbishments and Upgrades
  • Speculative Fitouts



Priority recognises the value of proficient interior design within the hospitality industry, as well as the importance of understanding the customers’ economic, social and aesthetic expectations.

Hospitality design requires specific knowledge and understand about how restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels operate, and how to make best use of the space.  Our experienced designers create functional and contemporary fitouts that create an atmosphere your customers will not only want to stay in for hours, but keep coming back to. We understand that successful designs can evoke an emotional response from customers, resulting in positive perceptions and overall impressions of the establishment.



Priority understands that institutions of education are not merely places of instruction, they are communities. The design of buildings and interiors, signage and landscape of campuses, the physical environment is capable of communicating messages that influence students’ feelings of well-being, belonging and identity.

Designing and space planning for educational facilities is quite different from a standard commercial fitout, so it is important that these facilities are well planned, exciting and flexible, so students can study at their own pace, in their own time, using a variety of learning styles. In addition to the layout and visual aspects of an educational facility, it is important to understand the legislative requirements associated with creating these spaces.  Priority interior designers have the knowledge and experience required to develop these spaces for you, your students and staff.



In retail, service environments play a key role in enticing and retaining customers. Priority understands that interior design and aesthetic can be a significant tool through which retailers can compete more effectively.

Consumers make critical judgments about your brand based on the first impression of your retail offering, so it is essential that you make this first impression a favourable one. In the ever changing and increasing digital age, it is becoming even more crucial that retail stores are creative, communicate the brand’s story and message and more importantly, create a positive experience for customers – encouraging customers to come in to store and not just shop online. Our designers understand that store layout, flow, branding, displays, lighting and colours are all capable of provoking a wide range of behaviours and perceptions from consumers. We want to help you create a retail fitout that is inspiring, comforting, aesthetically pleasing and one that stands out from the crowd.


The interior design of a healthcare facility can directly affect the overall quality of care. Priority prides itself on creating healthcare environments that are serviceable and enduring.

Our expert team works closely with clients to ensure that delivery of the end result balances elements such as branding, budget, functionality, future flexibility and ongoing maintenance. Priority appreciates the complexity of the healthcare environment and has extensive experience working alongside various healthcare specialists.


Someone with seldom experience within the commercial construction industry may not comprehend the important differences between the design and construction of an industrial site, compared to that of a commercial site. 

These key differences include, site planning, building design, infrastructure, project management and final permits. With this said, Priority is well versed in industrial fitout and construction, with years of experience fitting out numerous warehouses and business parks in the Brisbane region. Our experience extends to the design and construction of warehouse spaces, mezzanine floors and offices and stores within existing buildings.

Styling Services

Staging and styling is a growing trend, whereby owners and landlords engage professional interior designers and stylists to stage their property ready for market.

The foremost objective of staging is to create a competitive edge; this is achieved by transforming vacant, undesirable properties into contemporary, inspiring spaces that attain the greatest return and highest-value tenants, in the shortest period of time.

Our designers have the qualifications and years of experience to enable them to create a space that evokes tenants’ emotions through staging an environment in which clients can visualise themselves in. Through implementing solid design principles, current market trends and subtle furnishings, our designers are capable of transforming an empty, lifeless space into a balanced and modern environment that will appeal to a wide demographic of commercial tenants.