Valspar produces a broad range of paints, varnishes, lacquers and special purpose protective coatings, and owns major brands such as Wattyl and Solagard.

Their office administration group had been working out of temporary accommodation since being affected by the 2011 floods, while the lab staff remained within their office in the flood plain. When they found an opportunity to relocate both groups to a single location in Richlands, Priority was consulted for detailed design and construction advice that subsequently aided in lease negotiations.


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The project was a highly collaborative process involving Valspar’s National Stores Development Manager based in Adelaide and a tenant representative based in Melbourne. Valad Property Group, the building owner, is based in Sydney and they asked us to firstly makegood the space and survey the building, and then work with Valspar to design the fitout and manage the project to completion.

The design
 had to meet specific
 budget requirements and included the construction of an internal laboratory alongside the office space. We generated a design for Valspar that incorporated a large component of open plan workstations as well as a bright staffroom, both of which are elements of Activity-Based Workplace design. Included in the brief for the laboratory were stainless steel bench tops, soundproof walls and an independent air conditioner and air extraction system to avoid smell contamination in the adjacent office.

Priority coordinated the entire project from concept to completion, minimising the time and travel of key interstate people through meticulous planning
 and frequent communication. Valspar were able to rely on us to manage and complete the project with minimal onsite involvement from them. There were no major delays or safety issues and the overall project performed well. Now, Valspar’s Brisbane employees are together in a cleanly designed, quality-constructed, modern environment that was delivered on time and within budget.

Project Scope

Office Area
  • 2-Seat Waiting Area
  • Open Plan Area with 25 Workstations
  • 7 Enclosed Offices
  • 20-Seat Conference Room
  • 8-Seat Meeting Room
  • 20-Seat Staffroom
  • Utilities & Comms Rooms
  • Instrument Bench
  • Enclosed Office
  • 3 Workstations in Enclosed Room
  • Tint Area
  • Raw Materials Area
  • Spray Booth, Drying & Sandblasting Areas
  • Benches


Project Details

Valspar Fitout

848 Boundary Road, Richlands
Total floor area: 795m2

Project Schedule:

Design: 8 weeks
Construction: 9 weeks