LG Super is the Super Fund for current and former Queensland government employees and their spouses.

With a 50-year history of managing the retirement savings of thousands of members, the time had come for them to expand their offices and thereby their offerings to clients in terms of interactions and education. They realised an excellent opportunity to expand into two new levels in their current building.


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Priority’s talented design team created a contemporary, professional new office for them that communicates their brand and emphasises investment growth by featuring their corporate colour of green while also incorporating blue, white and timber features representative of natural growth. Their green ‘speech bubble’ logo is symbolic of communication in the business; it greets visitors upon arrival and is also carried throughout the graphics featured on the internal staircase landing wall and meeting room walls. This new central staircase is an integral feature of the fit-out, linking the main workspace on level 21 to the staff kitchen, reception and meeting rooms located on level 20.

The capacity for flexible growth was an important prerequisite of the design. As LG Super were increasing their tenancy size from one floor to two, they wanted to initially house the existing staff on level 21 and have the capacity to expand into level 20 as their staff grow. However, LG Super also wanted the flexibility to be able to sublease part of their space in the future, if that presented itself as the best option for them. As such, the floor plate on level 20 is designed to allow for one side to be split and subleased by utilising the ‘future walls,’ which can secure the LG Super side from a potential subtenant.

The friendly colour scheme is continued throughout the open office space, meeting rooms and staff kitchens. It was a requirement that the design increase the meeting room numbers from the current four to 13 so as to provide the business with ample spaces for interaction with members and staff. The new fitout also includes two dedicated seminar rooms connected by an operable wall, which serve as space for educational programs for members as well as training for staff. Similarly, the boardroom is separated from the adjacent meeting room by an operable wall, allowing the space to be opened up as an anteroom for board meetings and formal functions.

The new staff kitchen is twice as big as the one in the previous tenancy. It is bright and airy, and the colour palette becomes more muted and sophisticated through the incorporation of granite bench tops and mocha-coloured pendant lights reminiscent of a café or bar. The flexible seating options and calm atmosphere provide staff the opportunity to relax and socialise during the day. The kitchen space is also adjacent to front of house meeting rooms to assist with catering and staff functions.

In LG Super’s previous fitout the executive managers were housed in a separate business wing. They wanted their new fitout design to be more modern and progressive and to foster improved team collaboration and mentorship between staff and management. As such, the executive offices are positioned on the four corners of the floor plate and accessible to all staff. All middle management offices reside in the centre of the floor plate next to the core, with glass walls facing out into the main workspace. The open plan workstations are next to the exterior glazing, affording staff plenty of natural light and prime views of the cityscape. The workstation partitioning is low to promote communication, and employees are afforded privacy from the corridors by strategically placed file storage complete with planter boxes. The use of plants throughout the fitout both emphasises the ‘Green’ colour palette and improve indoor air quality for staff.  Throughout the open office, staff members are also provided with varied areas for team collaboration.

Our skilled project management and construction team managed the stripout and makegood of the previous fitout in this space for the building owner as well. Allocating these projects as well as the design and construction of the new fitout to the same firm allows for a more streamlined overall process and results in savings of both time and money for each client. This appealed to LG Super and allowed them to maintain their focus on serving their members, while at the same time creating an efficient, positive, professional space for their staff and their current and future members. LG Super was also able to re-use some furniture items from their previous fitout, again saving time and money. The re-use of the furniture was taken into consideration when developing the colour scheme so that these pieces worked seamlessly into the new design.

LG Super now has a modern, professional and expanded workspace, allowing them to grow and serve their staff and members.

Project Scope

  • Reception & Waiting Area
  • 14-seat Boardroom
  • 13 Meeting Rooms
  • Staff Kitchen
  • 108 Workstations
  • 20 Offices
  • Collaboration Areas
  • Plant Room
  • Tea Stations
  • Utilities Area
  • Compactus Storage Area

Sustainability Checklist

  • Re-used base building carpet
  • Re-used furniture from previous fitout including boardroom table, meeting room chairs and tables, file storage, café tables and chairs, and a compactus unit
  • Energy efficient appliances specified through office
Indoor Environment Quality
  • Penetration of natural light reducing artificial lighting and energy consumption
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint that emits fewer toxins into the indoor air
  • Indoor plants incorporated extensively to assist in indoor air quality
  • Low VOC board on workstations

Project Details

LG Super Office Fit-out

Levels 20 & 21, 333 Ann Street, Brisbane
Total Floor Area:  1,720m2

Project Schedule

Design: 4 weeks
Construction: 12 weeks