Australian Agricultural Company Limited (AACo) is a world-leading provider of beef and agricultural products.

They elected to relocate their teams that previously occupied two separate offices in Milton to a premier new commercial development in Newstead,where they would be able to showcase their existing reputation in the industry and have room for future growth.



In making such a significant move, AACo wanted to create an office that would capitalise on staff innovation capabilities and maximise productivity. They also needed an environment that clearly communicated their brand and evoked positive feelings from staff as well as clients and visitors.

AACo’s identity is grounded in their connection to property and land. Aerial views of the properties owned by AACo were researched and the overall aesthetics of the office resemble the strong, almost architectural boundary lines and land contours. Imagery of grass and pastures are incorporated in the design, highlighting grass as a symbol of growth which supports AACo’s aim to continue to grow and innovate.

Enclosed offices are situated around the perimeter of the space and are designed with full-height glazing to the interior walls to allow natural light to permeate the office space. Open plan workstations are spacious and the modular systems allow for varying configurations to suit specific team uses. The introduction of light and the flexibility of the space combine to enhance productivity.

Our team provided a highly detailed construction program and compressed it into the shortest possible timeframe in order to meet AACo’s target for moving in to their new office. Priority delivered the project on time to a high standard, without safety concerns. AACo now works out of a modern, efficient office that accurately reflects their brand and encourages staff to work flexibly and innovatively, whilst enjoying their environment.

Project Scope

  • Reception & Waiting Area
  • 20-seat Boardroom
  • 5 Meeting Rooms
  • 9 Offices
  • Training room
  • 70 Workstations in an Open Plan
  • Breakout/Collaboration Zones
  • Kitchen & Breakout Space
  • Server Room
  • 3 Utilities Rooms
  • Outdoor balcony

Sustainability Checklist

  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint with longevity
  • Extensive natural light
  • Local furniture manufacturers and suppliers
  • Products chosen from companies recognised for their commitment to sustainability
  • Products chosen that are proven to have longevity

Project Details

AACo Fitout

Level 1, Tower 1, 1 Skyring Terrace, Newstead
Total floor area: 1188m2

Project Schedule

Design: 12 weeks
Construction: 12 weeks

Project Team

Project Manager: Peter Lewis
Project Administrator: Dean Robertson
Project Estimator: Josh Solomon