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Corporate Branding

Wednesday, 02 Aug

Why is Corporate Branding so important in Office Design?

Corporate branding is a fundamental aspect of any company, as it differentiates a business from its competition. However, many businesses have not considered the importance of having a corporately branded office.

Studies have shown that by cultivating a well designed, branded environment, companies are able to clearly articulate core identities, missions and values, whilst leaving a lasting impression and enhancing the experience of employees, associates and stakeholders.

Regardless of whether it is retail, hospitality, medical or commercial fitouts, branded environments incorporate design and construct, graphic design, technology and features to create a holistic user experience.

To clarify, this doesn’t mean haphazardly plastering the company logo everywhere or having a feature wall in one of the brand palette colours. It is about creating a balanced interior design that echoes the organisation’s essence and values of the brand – not simply applying the ‘corporate branding’. For instance, effective corporate branding can be implemented in many different subtle ways, from unique wall art, vinyl graphics, fixtures and fittings, furniture, alternative meeting spaces, signage and much more.

When incorporating corporate branding into an environment it is just as important to consider the overall configuration of the space, as well as the aesthetics. For example; what type of meeting room is required? Are there enough quiet working areas? Are collaboration zones necessary? What about open plan spaces? Will hot-desking work?

When a company has considered and implemented a balanced and innovative combination of all these elements they can create an immersive brand experience, which in turn can boost brand image and assist in selling and promoting products or services. Furthermore, when executed and supported in the correct manner, as part of a wider strategy, the benefits of a branded environment can be significantly widespread. They include enhanced employee satisfaction, retention and attraction, increased productivity, and a clearer understanding of an organisation’s overall philosophy.

Transforming working environments into inspiring, engaging and enlightening spaces is one or the best strategic changes a business can make. It presents numerous means to drive business success, increase higher perceived value and provides a vital competitive advantage.

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